11 March 2024 | Brussels Marriott Hotel Grand Place

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11 March 2024 | Brussels, Belgium | CryptoMod.org

Cryptographic Compliance: Prepare for Future Requirements

This one-day conference is presented with the support of ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27/WG 3, the working group responsible for the development of ISO/IEC 19790, the international standard bringing security requirements for cryptographic modules. Participants will receive an update on the several standards that build the ecosystem around ISO/IEC 19790, and an overview of the recent activities of the WG 3 working group. Presentations by certification schemes and vendors will provide first hand experience and expert insights on the application of the standard in a real-world environment. Looking forward, speakers will highlight upcoming challenges and the likely path for the further evolution of the standard.

Who Should Attend

Cryptographic Module Developers, Testing Laboratories, Government Standards Organizations, Private Schemes, Embedded Systems OEMs, Academics, and the Side Channel Research Community.

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This special-focus day event is presented as part of:

The global forum on the changing future of cross-border certification. Click here for more information.
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Conference Tracks

Cryptographic Certification

Crypto module ecosystem security requirements covering several standards and WG 3 activities on ISO/IEC 19790.

Cryptographic Technology

Crypto module development issues including validation, entropy, PKI management, physical security, and attacks.

Cryptographic Applications and Markets

Real world case studies, best practices, and outlook for identity, authentication, communications, and IoT.

Speakers 2023

ISO/IEC 19790 Cryptographic Module Day Starts In: